Housing for Homeless


Good health is hard to maintain without stable housing and access to consistent health care.

For people who are homeless, convenient and comprehensive services are critical to physical and mental well-being.  When we house people, we need to ensure that the supportive services they need are readily available.

We are increasing support for homeless clients by developing better methods to identify those who lack shelter or are at risk of becoming homeless, and simplifying the process of connecting them with health care and social services.

We are committed to working with other County agencies to link homeless patients to housing information, health services, community organizations and other resources available to the three Health Agency departments.

The aim of our new team approach is to develop long-term solutions to system-wide challenges.  A guiding principle will be to “cut through the red tape” and serve individuals who have been difficult to assist through conventional means.

We have helped place almost 2,000 formerly homeless people in supportive housing with ‘wraparound’ care that provides a broad range of services—from long-term mental health and substance abuse treatment to help with basics like submitting Medi-Cal forms, applying for ‘Meals on Wheels’ deliveries or arranging transportation to appointments.

As a key partner in the county’s mission to end homelessness, the Health Agency is using health data to assess, engage, refer and assist homeless clients with access to housing and supportive services.  Our aim is to optimize our health care delivery systems in ways that help get and keep people off the streets.