Cultural Linguistic Services


We are committed to improving consumer experience and reducing health disparities by ensuing that clients have access to services and programs that are culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate, including translation services and written health materials available in more than a dozen languages.

We work with community leaders and organizations to promote proactive health care and illness prevention.  Instead of waiting for individuals to come into a health clinic or hospital, we are expanding our ability to engage different communities across Los Angeles County outside of clinic and hospital venues.

We are expanding our network of peer counselors and health navigators who can work with people battling chronic illness and provide support and information when public health concerns arise.

Some of those community liaisons will work with medical and mental health teams to help support residents’ health care needs. Others conduct neighborhood outreach and assist those with physical or mental challenges through the health care system.

The Health Agency’s community-based programs aim to improve communication between residents and healthcare professionals and raise community awareness of the many resources available to meet both individual and collective health needs.