Access Clinical Services


Our commitment as a Health Agency is to integrate health-care delivery in ways that promote a seamless transition between Health Agency providers, make medical visits more productive and ensure that treatment is delivered efficiently.

We are making it easier for people who need access to more than one LA County Health Agency service by sharing information quickly, helping coordinate care and improving our referral processes across specialties.

We are co-locating medical, mental and public health services in shared clinic facilities in several communities, so consumers can have access to a range of treatments and services appropriate to their circumstances and needs, without having to travel to different sites.

We use technology that provides access to health records online and will soon allow medical professionals to conduct health consultations electronically.

And to promote continual improvement in consumer experience, we plan to conduct regular client surveys, to measure perceptions of our success in delivering high-quality, linguistically-appropriate and culturally-competent health care services.