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Integrate and develop prevention, treatment, and healing services

Reduce Health Inequities

Improve organizational effectiveness

  • Provide the right care at the right time to those most in need of County and County-funded services
  • Identify and address challenges from local, state, and federal regulations for shared clients in order to ensure timely access to mental health and SUD services.
  • Ensure that vulnerable populations (such as those involved with DCFS system, persons experiencing homelessness, individuals post release from jail/prison, Veterans, and prenatal/perinatal women) have timely access to mental health, substance use, and physical health services.
  • Increase and integrate prevention and healing services offered in the County.
  • Reduce racial/ethnic gaps in birth outcomes.
  • Increase coordination and integration of STI/HIV services to decrease rates in LA County.
  • Identify and reduce impact from environmental exposures that contribute to poor health outcomes.
  • Address chronic health conditions that predispose people to negative health outcomes with a comprehensive and integrated community-based approach.
  • Decrease incidence of vaccine preventable illness.
  • Partner with community-based organizations, philanthropy, private entities, and other stakeholders to identify and address health inequities.
  • Deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate care and communications to all patients, clients, customers, and community members.
  • Collaborate with the County’s ARDI Initiative and labor partners to coordinate anti-racism work across the three Health Departments.
  • Fully implement Just Culture in partnership with labor to identify and address challenges and identify solutions that strengthen our collective capacity to do our best work.
  • Partner with labor to improve employee engagement at all levels of each Department’s organization to ensure high quality services, employee retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Redesign and/or streamline contracting, contract monitoring, billing, IT, data integration, and Human Resources processes on an as-needed basis to enhance other cross-Departmental integration efforts and reduce burdens on contracted agencies.
  • Alignment with CalAIM.