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The governing body of the LMTC is the Steering Committee.  Management and Labor representatives who attend Committee meetings must be empowered to make decisions on behalf of their respective organizations.

The Steering Committee of the Labor Management Transformation Council sets the vision and direction of the labor management partnership.


Chair:  One Department Head and one Union Representative (Quarterly Rotation)


  • CIR: Rashina Young, Morgan Currier
  • UAPD: Christopher Ige, Patricia Castillo
  • SEIU 721: Bob Schoonover, Lilian Cabral, Gilda Valdez
  • AFSCME 2712: Teddy McKenna, Elizabeth Pershing
  • AFSCME 3511: Marina Martin, Robert “Steve” Dobbs
  • IBT 911: Carolyn Watson
  • AHI: Jaclyn Baucum
  • DHS: Dr. Christina Ghaly, Elizabeth Jacobi
  • DMH: Dr. Lisa Wong, Cynthia Duong
  • DPH: Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Megan McClaire
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  • Developing strategy and multi-year plans
  • Evaluating partnership programs and projects
  • Creating pathways for the sustainability and longevity of the partnership
  • Identifying issues and opportunities for collaboration across all Health Departments
  • Modeling how labor and management should collaborate across the Health Departments
  • Identifying and maintaining responsible and appropriate investment of resources to achieve our mission
  • Jointly identifying important areas of work and establish mutually agreed upon outcomes and metrics
  • Establishing and communicating ground rules for engagement in areas where labor and management are working together to achieve our mission


First Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m.

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