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Welcome to the Los Angeles County Alliance for Health Integration Website

The Alliance of Health Integration (AHI) was formed to strengthen the collaboration and innovation efforts of Los Angeles County’s (County) three Health Departments (Departments of Health Services, Mental Health, and Public Health) to improve health and wellness outcomes for the County’s residents and communities.

AHI is structured in a manner that allows the three Health Departments to select and implement a series of intentional, integrated actions and activities to achieve measurably improved health outcomes for County residents in most need.

AHI also aims to help address the humanitarian crises within the County by attending to the myriad health needs of our most vulnerable population who are suffering from complex diseases that, alongside social and economic pressures, often leads to homelessness, incarceration, and despair.

Message from Directors

With over 10 million residents in Los Angeles County, our individual Health Departments are some of the largest health departments in the nation.  Having such large, complex systems, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Alliance for Health Integration to align our efforts and enable the County to accomplish more for its residents.  The Alliance for Health Integration brings our departments’ talents and resources together to strengthen innovation and collaboration, so we can maximize our impact to improve the health and well-being of our Los Angeles County residents.


The Alliance for Health Integration’s mission is to improve the health and well‐being of Los Angeles County residents by aligning and efficiently implementing Board‐approved prevention, treatment, and healing initiatives that require the collaborative contributions of the three health departments.